Beautiful Nebraska Scenery…

NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® takes place in central Nebraska.  Two of Nebraska’s most beautiful Scenic Byways, The Sandhills Journey Byway and the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway, form the basic “looping route” of the JUNK JAUNT®.  Also included, and a very important part of this fun event, are the numerous small towns and villages on the east,  the west and on the inside of the “looping Byway/JUNK JAUNT® route.”

NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® is always held the last Friday, Saturday & Sunday in September in scenic central-Nebraska.  The event encourages both residents and businesses to participate by having yard sales, sidewalk sales, special promotions, and events.

Click on the town names (below) for interactive Google Maps for driving directions, and advertised businesses in each town.

Click on “Print a community map” (some locations do not have community maps) to download an individual map suitable for printing.

Of course, if you have a Junk Jaunt® Shopper Guide, you will already have the maps for each participating town, plus a list of all registered vendors and some of the items they will have for sale.    Bright colored, PROFESSIONALLY  PRE-PRINTED  signs will be displayed by all registered vendors.   The color of the signs and the pre-printed designs on them will change each year but it will not take long to discover the “NEW ONES” for this year.       It is our hope that you will patronize the registered vendors and bypass the “look alikes”.    Those who register are the ones who keep the JUNK JAUNT® going strong.

Many “Junkers” tell us this trip was their best vacation ever!

Towns West of Byway – Hiway 2       (alphabetical order)
Arnold   |  Print a community map
Callaway   |  Print a community map

us_183 hwy70_20 hwy22_20Towns inside the Byway loop       (alphabetical order)
Arcadia   |  Print a community map
Ashton   |  Print a community map
Boelus   |  Print a community map
Comstock   |  Print a community map
Farwell   |  Print a community map
Loup City   |  Print a community map
Rockville   |  Print a community map
Sargent   |  Print a community map
Westerville   |  Print a community map

us_281 Towns East of Byway-Hiway 11 (Hwy 281)      (alphabetical order)

Alda   |  Print a community map
Bartlett   |  Print a community map
Ericson   |  Print a community map
Greeley   |  Print a community map
St Libory   |  Print a community map
St Paul   |  Print a community map
Wolbach   |  Print a community map\