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The creation and selling of  NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® SOUVENIRS is possible, with limitations.

  • The name,   ‘NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® , ‘JUNK JAUNT® &  its logos are Registered Trade Names in the state of Nebraska.    
  •  It is illegal to use a Registered Trade Name or logo, without WRITTEN permission of the owner.    
  • Our logos is the directional sign posts in 3  versions.    logo.
  • Any use of the name NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT®  or its logos are subject to the payment of ROYALTIES. (Read on for details)

Obtaining permission to create and sell NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® Souvenirs is a simple process

  • Send a letter detailing how the NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® name or logo will be used on merchandise /souvenirs.
  • Include numbers to be produced and retail price.
  • Attach an artists design (or sketch) of the merchandise /souvenir.
  • Enclose a completed Vendor Registration form and required fees. (If permission to sell is denied, your Vendor Fees will be returned)
  • If your souvenir/merchandise is approved you will receive written permission from the committee. (Allow 2-3 weeks for your request to be processed)
  • Ten percent (10%) royalty will be collected on all merchandise / souvenirs carrying the NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® name or logo.
  •  Royalties must be paid immediately after the event is over.
  • Permission requests and Vendor Registration must be received BEFORE the AUGUST vendor registration deadline.                                                                                                                 Late requests will not appear in the JUNK JAUNT® Shopper Guide.

Mail requests for NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® Trade-Name usage to:  

Nebraska’s JUNK JAUNT® 

1523 M St Suite 104, Ord, NE 68862
Phone:  308-346-5151