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  1. JUNK JAUNT WILL PURCHASE MODEL VW’S, ONE TO BE GIVEN AWAY IN EACH PARTICIPATING JUNK JAUNT TOWN. Shoppers will register in one location, most probable place would be where they get their Passport stamp. Winner will be drawn at the end of Junk Jaunt. Shoppers may register FRIDAY, SATURDAY OR SUNDAY and cars will be mailed following drawing at Wrap-up Party.
  2. TICKETS IN SHOPPER GUIDES MAILED OUT. A total of 6 tickets will be placed in random Shopper Guides when mailing them out early September. Tickets can be turned into one location during Junk Jaunt® and redeemed at once, one $500 prize and five $100 prizes. This location will be named later.
  3. VENDOR REGISTRATIONS. Everyone registering a sale for Junk Jaunt® 2023, excluding the Board of Directors and their families, will be entered into a drawing to be held at the Wrap-up Party following Junk Jaunt®. Five $200 winners will be drawn.
  4. ADVERTISERS/LODGING. All business and lodging advertisers names will be placed into a drawing for a free ad in the 2024 Shopper Guide. The winner will receive a free ad of the same size as purchased in the 2023 Guide.
  5. GRAND PRIZE – VACATION IN THE SANDHILLS, 2024. One name will be drawn from the comment sheets returned to the Ord office following Junk Jaunt® 2023. The winner will receive vouchers for a 7 day vacation in the Nebraska Sandhills. Can be used all at one time or can be divided into shorter trips, just not during Junk Jaunt®.

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