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Registration Fees

Registering your sale for NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT®

(Register your  garage  sale or business  and   let  the  JUNK JAUNT®  do  your  advertising!!!!!!)

$25  |  Basic Registration for  “AREA”  VENDOR… If you legally reside within a JUNK JAUNT® Area County of  (Blaine, Loup, Garfield, Wheeler, Greeley, Valley, Custer, Sherman or Howard Counties plus the portion of Hall County north of Interstate 80, or the portion of Buffalo County that includes the Hwy 2 town of Ravenna NE.)

$35  |  Basic Registration for  “OUT-OF-AREA”  VENDOR (Garage/Yard Sales) …….. Any Non-Commercial vendor whose legal residence in outside of the JUNK JAUNT® Area Counties listed above.  No Vendor Registration will be accepted that is not being held within the JUNK JAUNT® area.

$50  | Basic Registration for “OUT-OF-AREA” BUSINESS…. Any vendor who has a regular business address, telephone listing or a business card from any town OUTSIDE the JUNK JAUNT® Area.  (See counties listed above).  NOTE: “Out of Area” Sales or Food Vendors are asked to obtain permission before setting up in or near any JUNK JAUNT® town.  Please see “How To Be a Vendor” on this website or call 308-346-5151.

$15  |  For ADDITIONAL WORDS NEEDED to describe your sale merchandise?   (16-30 Words).  Your Name, Sale address, hours and first 15 WORDS are part of your basic registration fee (above). If you use 16 -30 words, add $15 to your basic Vendor Registration.

$1 each  |  ADDITIONAL “JUNK JAUNT® VENDOR SIGNS are available only to Registered Vendors. LIMIT: Six (6) additional signs per Vendor/Advertising Registration, unless otherwise approved.  All signs will be delivered to your town Coordinator sometime about Sept. 15th. 

Click on the Appropriate Icon to Download the necessary format.  Documents are available as Adobe .pdf and Microsoft Word.

  Print and mail our Registration contract.   Print and mail our Registration contract.new1   …updated 2/5/21


Print and mail our Registration contract.


Print and mail our Advertising contract . new1   …updated 2/5/21