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Need a place to set up your sale?

WE CAN HELP YOU FIND A PLACE. Vendors are encouraged, but not obligated, to set up their sales in 1 or 2 central locations in each town for convenient, ‘One-Stop Shopping.’ Some town has central locations while others do not. Each town is free to organize...

How do I register my sale?

YOUR SALE CAN BE REGISTERED IN 5 EASY STEPS ….. AREA VENDORS…… (See definition below) Decide the address where you will hold your sale.  Out-of-Area vendors must arrangements for setting up before Registering. Multi-Vendor sites listed on...

What are the benefits of Registering my sale?

THERE ARE NUMEROUS BENEFITS FOR REGISTERING YOUR SALE. Your sale will be listed in the Official JUNK JAUNT® SHOPPER GUIDE where 15-20,000 people from 34 states will read your sale ad. You pay the small, affordable, Registration Fee and we do your advertising for you....