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What is a ‘Shopper Guide’?

The JUNK JAUNT® Shopper Guide is a catalog of information compiled to help you get the most from your JUNK JAUNT® experience. A new Shopper Guide is published each year as at least 70% of the Registered Vendors change from year to year.  In the 120-130 pages of the...

What does a ‘Shopper Guide’ cost?

Only about 2-3 gallons of gasoline — a saving you will realize by planning your trip with the JUNK JAUNT® Shopper Guide. The Shopper Guide sells for $10 if purchased locally (sales tax included). If you are ordering a Digital Download Shopper Guide, it is...

How can I purchase a ‘Shopper Guide’?

SHOPPER GUIDES CAN BE PURCHASED in multiple ways… — 1. PRINTED as a PRE-Order on this website. AFTER PRINTING IN EARLY SEPT. — 2. PRINTED $10 + tax each. (Printed Shopper Guides WILL be available at selected locations on the JUNK JAUNT® route, WHILE...

Who can I contact to change my Shopper Guide order?

If you notice a mistake on our confirmation of your order when you receive it, please forward a copy of the confirmation email with the necessary correction to Your order will be corrected and a new confirmation sent to you. 

Can I place a single order for multiple guides?

Yes.  However they must be shipped to the same mailing address.  If you need multiple guides mailed to multiple addresses, you need to place a separate order for each mailing address. Shipping and Handling fees are collected to cover the actual US Postal services...