Why should I advertise my business?


  • Many of the “junkers” save their Shopper Guide book until the new one is printed, “Just in case I need it”.
  • A number of businesses tell us that folks stop at other times of the year because they didn’t have time to stop during the JUNK JAUNT®.
  • Each year, calls are received after the JUNK JAUNT® is over, looking for a specific business or vendor/sale.
  • Many times we cannot provide the requested information, because the business or sale is not advertised in the Shopper Guide.

Ask yourself……. “When I travel, what type of services do I need? What style of business do I find interesting?

  • Unusual restaurants or snack shops.    People love small-town businesses instead of Walmart.
  • Places to sleep.
  • A place to park the camper or RV.
  • Gasoline or propane.
  • The nearest ATM.
  • Somewhere to fix that flat tire or get your auto up and running again.
  • Someplace that sells or rents trailers to take home your purchases.
  • Storage Units, in case they purchase more than they can take home.
  • Medical emergencies.
  • A small-town variety store, a movie theatre, a unique town park or statue display.
  • Historical sites of interest.
  • An unusual craft or manufacturing business.
  • Antique Shops or Thrift stores where shoppers can stop en-route to the JUNK JAUNT® or on the trip home.

Remember our motto… “You are limited only by your imagination and the law”.

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