Who sponsors Nebraska’s JUNK JAUNT®?

Nebraska’s JUNK JAUNT® has no corporate sponsors. It was started by the Tourism committee of LOUP RIVERS SCENIC BYWAY Ass’n and has grown into a 501(c)4 organization of its’ own.

The name, NEBRASKA’S JUNK JAUNT® is a registered trade name in Nebraska and anyone wishing to use the name for commercial or personal purposes must ask for permission to do so and is subject to the payment of royalties. (Details can be found on the Advertising Contract located in this webpage)

Nebraska’s JUNK JAUNT® is produced by dozens of volunteers from the 40 towns and villages within it’s nine (9) county area. Each town strives to show visitors and JUNK JAUNT® shoppers the natural uniqueness and beauty of their communities and give you a small taste of the ethnic diversity found throughout the entire area.

Any profits realized from Vendor Fees, the sale of Advertisements and Shopper Guides are reinvested in the promotion of tourism within our nine county JUNK JAUNT® area.

Vendor questions should be directed to

1523 M St., Suite 104
Ord, NE 68862

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