What and Who is a JUNK JAUNT® Vendor?

ONLY  Registered Vendors ARE WELCOME.   

A VENDOR is anyone who sells …. A garage sale, food, merchandise, services, etc.

AREA VENDOR:   Anyone who legally resides within one of the Junk Jaunt® counties.   The nine (9)   counties that make up the Junk Jaunt® area are:  Blaine, Loup, Garfield, Wheeler, Greeley, Valley, Custer, Sherman,  Howard plus the portion of Hall County that lies north of Interstate 80 and the portion of Buffalo County where the Hwy 2 town of Ravenna, NE is located.

OUT–of-AREA VENDOR:  If you resides anywhere else, you are an “Out of Area” Vendor. 

All Vendors are expected to comply with Nebraska Tax & Food Laws (if applicable). 

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