What and Who is a JUNK JAUNT® Vendor?

ONLY  Registered Vendors ARE WELCOME.   

A VENDOR is anyone who sells …. A garage sale, food, merchandise, services, etc.

AREA VENDOR:   Anyone who legally resides within one of the Junk Jaunt® counties.   The nine (9)   counties that make up the Junk Jaunt® area are Blaine, Loup, Garfield, Wheeler, Greeley, Valley, Custer, Sherman,  Howard plus the portion of Hall County that lies north of Interstate 80 and the portion of Buffalo County where the Hwy 2 town of Ravenna, NE is located.

OUT–of-AREA VENDOR:  If you reside anywhere else, you are an “Out of Area” Vendor. 

All Vendors are expected to comply with Nebraska Tax & Food Laws (if applicable). 

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