What is Nebraska’s ‘JUNK JAUNT®’?

Garage Sale regulars call themselves “Junkers” and a “Jaunt” is a sprint or short run.    Thus,  you could say it is ‘running for the junk’.

Nebraska’s JUNK JAUNT® is nearly 500 miles of garage sales, collectibles, antiques, vintage, gastric delights and just plain fun.

It began in 2004 with about 75 vendors and 1,000 shoppers. In 2011 and 2012, license plate surveys and guest books told us that 20,000 people attended from 34 states (including Hawaii), several Canadians provinces and even a few foreign visitors.     Some shoppers have been to every JUNK JAUNT®, for others it is their very first one.

If you wish to be a Registered Vendor, we welcome you, regardless of where you live; however, you must set up your sale within the JUNK JAUNT® area.

Most ‘Junkers’ tell us that they could never have a successful buying trip without the JUNK JAUNT® Shopper Guide.

We find that people are inventive in their reasons for shopping.     Some use the JUNK JAUNT® as a Mother & Daughter weekend, Father & Son, Sisters’ outings or fun excursions during a Family Reunion.      Some use it as a celebration for having “maintained weight loss”, while other groups had a contest to see who could get the best buy of the day or who had made the ugliest purchase of the day.     One Canadian wife requested that her 40th Wedding Anniversary gift be a trip to Nebraska for the JUNK JAUNT®.

As it says in our MOTTO: “You are limited only by your imagination and the law”.

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