Can I set up a food stand?

Yes, you may set up a food stand or hold a bake sale.    

  • Midwestern cooks have a reputation for having “great cooks”,  and travelers are looking for “the very best” food they have ever tasted.
  • You may sell home baked items, home canned, home grown or commercially prepared food items.
  • However, a word of warning:   It is your responsibility to learn about and abide by the Nebraska Food Laws. (see link below)
  • Mobile food stands must have a Restaurant or Food Service license and a Nebraska Sales Tax license, as they are considered Commercial Food Services.
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ALL prepared food or fresh produce sales are subject to state and local health laws, as published by:

Nebraska Department of Agriculture
301 Centennial Mall South,
PO Box 95064
Lincoln, NE 68509-5064
Phone: 402-471-2538
Web Site:

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