Junk Jaunt Passport contest for Shoppers


Once again we are celebrating by sponsoring the Junk Jaunt Passport contest for Shoppers!   “Passports” will be included in the Shopper Guide, as well as with the digital download available later in September.  Order your Shopper Guide now online or through the mail so you can join the contest.  There is a link on the right column for purchasing a Shopper Guide.

As you drive the Junk Jaunt® route, shopping and enjoying the view, look for the bright colored signs with the big black asterisk.   There will be one in each town along the route.   The passport stops are also noted in the Shopper Guide with an asterisk next to the vendor number.  Stop at these sites and get your card stamped. The more stamps you gather, the bigger the prize you are eligible to win.

Following the Junk Jaunt® mail your Passport to: 

Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt®
1523 M St.,  Ste 104
Ord, NE  68862

All Passports must arrive in our office by October 16, 2020 to be entered in the drawing. 

If you visit 16 or more Junk Jaunt® towns, you will be entered in the drawing for a $150.00 cash prize, visit 10 to 15 towns and you are eligible to win $100 cash and the prize for visiting 9 or fewer towns is $50.00. 


  1. What if there are no sites noted with an asterisk for a town, such as Broken Bow?

  2. No asterisk in Broken Bow or dunning. Maybe more. Not hard to find in Dunning but ver hard in Broken Bow

  3. Jean Lance says

    Who won the junk jaunt passport drawing?

  4. jeanllance says

    Was the drawing held? Who won?

    • Heartland Hosting, LLC says

      The winners will be drawn at the annual meeting on Oct. 29th. Winners will be posted on the website.

  5. Heartland Hosting, LLC says

    The winners for the Passport contest were drawn during the meeting. The winner for visiting 15 or more towns is Cheryl Devlin from Wahoo, NE. The winner for visiting 10 to 15 towns was Traci Hartley, Bassett, NE. Sonya Shurter from Ainsworth, NE won $50 for visiting less than 10 towns. This contest seemed to be very popular. We are happy to announce we will be doing a similar contest for our “Sweet 16” Junk Jaunt 2019!!

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