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Who can sell at the Junk Jaunt®?

ANYONE CAN SELL (be a Vendor) at Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt®. All sellers are referred to as a ‘Vendor’ regardless of what they have to sell and are welcomed with a Vendor Registration. THERE ARE TWO (2) CLASSES OF VENDORS…. AREA VENDOR —...

Can I set up a food stand?

Yes, you may set up a food stand or hold a bake sale.     Midwestern cooks have a reputation for having “great cooks”,  and travelers are looking for “the very best” food they have ever tasted. You may sell home baked items, home canned, home...

Must I charge sales tax on my sale items?

As the JUNK JAUNT® Motto states, “You are limited only by your imagination and the law.” The sales tax laws, according to the Department of Revenue representatives, say: “If you have more than 2 garage sales per year you are considered a...

Am I limited to what I can Sell?

Our motto is: “You are limited only by your imagination and the law.” However, we ask that your merchandise be in good taste and not the kind that must be hidden when children or the preacher is present.