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What do the Shipping and Handling fees cost?

Shipping and Handling fees are collected to cover the actual US Postal services charges to mail the Shopper Guide to you.  We ship using a large envelope or small package depending on the number you order.  We include a small handling fee to cover the costs of...

What does a ‘Shopper Guide’ cost?

Only about 2-3 gallons of gasoline — a saving you will realize by planning your trip with the JUNK JAUNT® Shopper Guide. The Shopper Guide sells for $7, if purchased locally (sales tax included). If you are ordering a Shopper Guide to be mailed, it is $10...

How can I purchase a ‘Shopper Guide’?

SHOPPER GUIDES CAN BE PRE-ORDERED IN 2 Ways — 1. ONLINE at, 2. PRE-ORDER by MAIL … Shopper guides will also be available after September 15th, 2018 as a Digital Download (.pdf) and printed copies at certain local area businesses (TBA summer...